Dropshipping Startup Costs. How Much Does Dropshipping Cost?

How Much Does Dropshipping Cost in 2021? Dropshipping Startup Costs.

Welcome to tuis “How Much Does Dropshipping Cost in 2021? Dropshipping Startup Costs” blog post. Get the complete guide on Dropshipping startup costs.

How Much Does Dropshipping Cost in 2021? Dropshipping Startup Costs

Are you wondering how much it costs to start dropshipping? A hundred dollars? A thousand dollars? In this Dropshipping Startup Costs blog post, we will calculate how much you need to start a dropshipping business on WordPress or Shopify depending on your needs. My name is Steven Grrat, and welcome to the Zen Dropshipping Blog.

At Zen Dropshuipping, our core aim is to design and create a robust WordPress or Shopify dropshipping website from scratch that will be ready to take orders right from day one and we can also redesign your old boring eCommerce website into a stunning dropshipping store. You can learn more by following this link. Today, we’re going to talk about how much a dropshipping startup costs in 2021. There are many ways to start a dropshipping store, but we at Zen Dropshipping prefer WordPress. Why?

Because a website built on WordPress fully belongs to you, giving you total control and ownership over your business. Do you already have a WordPress site? Then read this “Dropshipping Startup Costs. How Much Does Dropshipping Cost in 2021?” till the end to learn how to start a dropshipping business without breaking the bank. Now, let’s find out how much dropshipping costs in 2021! Minimum budget: about 150 dollars To start a dropshipping website.

Elements Needed Before You Can Start Dropshipping Business:

  1. A domain name
  2. Hosting
  3. CMS (WordPress, Shopify, WiX, etc)
  4. Dropshipping software (like Alidropship, Oberlo, Spocket)

This is the absolute minimum of what you need to start. You can get a domain name for your website on Siteground.Com or NameCheap.com. Simply type an idea into the search field to see various suggestions for names. Most of them will cost you about $10-$20 for the first year.

Just keep in mind that the price will increase after the first year. Okay, so a domain name will cost about $10-$20. Next, you’ll need to pay for hosting. Hosting is a service that provides you with the resources required to show your site on the internet. Simply speaking, it’s a server you rent to run a website. You can find a hosting service on your own and I would recommend Siteground as the best hosting to choose. And again, don’t forget that you’ll need to pay for the hosting each year after.


Dropshipping Startup Costs. How Much Does Dropshipping Cost?

So we’ve got your domain name and server out of the way.

Now you can create an actual website. But to do that, you’re going to need a CMS, which is a content management system. At Zen Dropshipping, we recommend using WordPress since it’s absolutely free and simple to use. You can download WordPress from the WordPress website to use it as a basis for your store. And since it’s free, you pay nothing! We’re almost ready to go! The last thing you’ll need is some sort of software that can turn a simple website into a dropshipping store. It’s critical to have this to avoid repetitive manual work in finding suppliers and importing them to your website. Oberlo, Alidropship, or Spocket plugin is your best bet. Count on it to automate many tasks such as searching for suppliers and importing product imagery and descriptions.

So adding all those up to know how much does dropshipping cost in 2021, dropshipping startup costs in 2021 costs only $159. That’s a small investment to make for a fully-functional, fully-customizable dropshipping business! After installing the plugin, adding your desired products to sell, and designing your website, you will have a professional webshop ready to entice customers and bring in orders! Now, if you have some extra budget to spend, let’s see how much dropshipping will cost if you elevate our Dropshipping Website Design Services. If you don’t want to set u all the website, website server, domain, and all that by yourself, simply leave it to our Dropshipping Website Design Services team.

Zen Dropshipping will create a bespoke WordPress or Shopify dropshipping store based on your ideas from scratch. We call this our custom WordPress or Shopify dropshipping stores. For just $397, our Basic Package includes all the elements necessary to start a dropshipping store such as a domain name, a free website theme, payment gateways, 50 products within the niche you choose, and much more. So if you add up the hosting cost with the custom store fee, starting a dropshipping business with our team’s help will cost you $515.

Conclusion On How Much Does Dropshipping Cost in 2021? Dropshipping Startup Costs

It’s much more than $159, but if you have the budget for it, why not? One payment makes you the owner of your own dropshipping store. You won’t have to pay any additional fees except for yearly hosting and the domain fee. You can learn more about our custom stores from one of our previous blog posts.

My name is Steven Grrat and thank you for reading this “Dropshipping Startup Costs. How Much Does Dropshipping Cost in 2021?” blog posts! If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter to be notified as soon as we release a new blog post.

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